Digital Intervalometers

A digital camera can be hooked up to an intervalometer to create time-lapse movies.

It might not look as nice as film, but there's no filmstock, processing, or telecine required! Paste your images together to get a hidef video result.


Use your Canon 400D 350D 300D R8A, or Nikon MC-DC1 D80 D70s D200 D300 D3 D2H R9G , or Sony A100 A700 R8E.

Canon Intervalometers: Geniune Canon TC80N3 | Chinese Clone
Nikon Intervalometers: Geniune Nikon MC-36A | Chinese Clone


Images can be assembled using Quicktime Pro (File->Open Image Sequence).




As you can see in the video below, the highlights tend to get 'blown out', but night footage with streaking lights can look almost as good as film